Using 3D Capture to Streamline Claims, VTS Secures Investment with Vlasic & Roth LLC (V&R)

Hamburg, Michigan; January 13, 2021 – VTS ( is thrilled to announce an investment partnership with a group led by Vlasic & Roth LLC (V&R). The investment will enable VTS to leverage its position as a leader in 3D capture for streamlined claims consulting and risk reduction for insurance agencies and providers. V&R support will drive growth in key markets and strategic investments in 360Consultant, VTS’ technology-enabled solutions for the insurance industry. 

“The immersive and dimensionally accurate data enables insurers and risk managers to virtually walk through a property,” said John Chwalibog, CEO of VTS. “3D capture and data accuracy simplify and streamline the claim and appraisal process time by 50% – 70%. This critical investment from V&R fuels the expansion and delivery of VTS’ suite of claims consulting, appraisals, readiness planning and 3D capture services.” 

VTS uses cutting edge 3D and virtual technology to produce faster and more accurate claims for commercial properties and businesses. With incidents including fire and water damage, capture and cycle times have been reduced by up to 70% from incident to estimate. Thousands of dollars have been saved in business interruption and consulting fees with VTS’ proprietary 3D & virtual technology. 

The technology innovations VTS has developed are simple to use and effective at improving and streamlining the claims process. V&R funding will drive domestic expansion and enable widespread use of 3D capture services in the insurance and property management industries.  

About VTS
VTS is an InsurTech company based in Hamburg, MI that is transforming how insurers and facility operators do business. Using 3D & Visual Capture, VTS delivers a suite of technology enabled services that simplifies and streamlines claim management, appraisals, estimates and readiness plans. Founded in 2017, VTS leadership combines 25+ years of cutting edge technology with insurance expertise to deliver services and consulting to national insurance carriers, third party administrators, independent adjusters and forensic engineers.
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About V&R

V&R is a boutique strategy & digital transformation consultancy based in Birmingham, MI.
V&R develops high-reliability infrastructure (people, process, and technology) to support extraordinary and worthwhile visions. As an independent member firm of the BDO Alliance USA, V&R has enhanced client services and broader capabilities in 2020. BDO brings deep technical knowledge in specialty areas, professionals with experience in a wide range of industries, and access to the most up-to-date technical information and key business contacts throughout the U.S. V&R helps entrepreneurs and lower middle-market executive leaders build great companies by providing the tools, resources, and expertise they need to succeed.

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