2020-07 Quarterly REPORT

The Latest

2020 has taken us to new heights – from 200% growth to doubling the size of our crew to launching work in five new states. We have added new partners, new full-time employees, put service providers to work in multiple states and trained and hired new contractors. We have dedicated staff putting in time to support this growth in Michigan, California, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey and New York. In a sentence, we are excited about what is happening and what is to come!


At our home base, we have invested deeply in providing education in reality capture to team members, which is opening up new career paths for young college graduates to seasoned business owners. We are proud to say we are providing stability during a time of economic uncertainty and are leading the way in our home state for advancement of the technology sector. We have seen many positive outcomes from the relationships we have been able to form internally and externally.

Behind the Scenes

Jason McGrath 

Jason joined our team this spring to advance our cause in the ever exciting world of business operations. Yeah, we know how lucky we are to have an Excel guru who geeks out on data analytics. What a great addition he has been!  

Ron Hughes 

Ron reconnected with the VTS team in 2020 after several years partnering with a sister company. Ron brings unmatched experience in laser scanning and BIM modeling and is the backbone of our creative work.  

Kelly Chwalibog 

The unofficial founder of VTS, Kelly has tirelessly worked to keep field crews organized, trained, motivated, and more. No one can touch Kelly’s prowess on a Matterport camera and she is often the glue that holds together our field operations success.