Virtual Reality’s Beginnings 80 Years Ago

When you Google “Virtual Reality Beginnings,” you come up with results dating back to the early 1950’s. The so called “goggles” back then look like an astronaut helmet of one headed to the moon! Almost 80 years later, the art of Virtual Reality is now the standard of marketing. Thankfully, the goggles of today are not much larger than a pair of sunglasses with a strap to hold them in place. Some goggles today are made of cardboard and can be purchased for about $12. How times have changed!

The Power of a Virtual Tour Today

2020 promises to be a record breaking year of growth for the industry. Real estate, military, healthcare, fashion, engineering, construction, sports, and education are already using this standard of marketing. In fact, this year the Winter Olympics will be offering Virtual Reality viewing in 30 of their events for those that are unable to physically attend but would like to virtually attend. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is offering virtual attendance as well, from inside the ring. Public schools across America now have 3-D classrooms to teach children how to use this application. The growth of the Virtual Reality Industry in the past 5 years have shown steady

  1. Just over 27% of people now own Virtual Reality Headsets compared to just over 6% one year ago. I think Samsung VR gear and the ease of it’s use accounts for part of this growth, as well as the pricing on headsets dropping to an affordable $10 for Google cardboard and about $50 for Samsung VR gear.
  2. The Google cardboard VR Goggle application has been downloaded just over 10 million times
  3. According to KZero research firm, just over 171 million people will be using Virtual Reality hardware in the year 2020.

Virtual Reality is essential to reach your target market in 2020. Millennial are purchasing everything under the moon from the comfort of their living rooms. Homes are being put under contract after taking a virtual tour, cars are decided on before ever stepping into the dealership, and museums are being toured across the country without the expense of travel. Have you embraced this incredible technology in your industry?

Virtual Reality as the Future of Real Estate & Retail

The as-built construction industry is experiencing a national boom as millenials build up instead of out, and many companies are looking for more cost efficient ways to keep model homes available to potential clients. Unfortunately, model homes cost a lot of money to maintain, and degrade in value the longer they sit. 3D Virtual Tours solves this problem by creating a way to permanently store the entire property digitally, and make it view-able from any device, including Virtual Reality.
Science has taught us that food tastes better when we are either eating in good company or enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant. In fact, the ambiance of a restaurant is potentially more important that the food the restaurant serves. Ambiance can affect everything from the perception of a restaurants responsiveness and reliability, how much and how fast customers eat, how much they spend, how long they stay in the restaurant and if they decide to return. Technology can help boost your business and drive more traffic to your establishment by simply adding a virtual tour to your website and Google Street View. Many restaurants fail because their marketing efforts don’t deliver. Immersive 3-D media enables clients and patrons to interact and collaborate around virtual spaces, transact and even document them in ways that were not previously possible.
Visualization Technology & Services will create your virtual tours for all of your locations. We are nationwide and even have some providers internationally. We will come to your restaurant at a scheduled time, typically early morning before any traffic begins. We will spend about 1 hour per 1500 square feet of space being captured. After this, we work as a team to develop the best tour for your establishment. Many options are available and we will work with you to determine the best product for your business. Most restaurants choose to have their menus included in the tours, while some include a video of the store manager welcoming the patron. Once complete, you will have a URL to share across social media, an embed code of the tour to put into your website, and a virtual tour to upload to your Google Business and Google Street View.

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