Site Survey

With 3D virtual tour technology, streamline documentation, speed up as-built designs, and collaborate with ease.  Create immersive walk-throughs of existing conditions that can be annotated, edited, and shared across engineering groups and with key stakeholders. 3D representations of your project let you virtually walk a job site at every stage of development replacing thousands of site photos with a single set of immersive 3D Spaces for complete, efficient communication and long-term record keeping.

Capture construction conditions for documentation on a single file and share that information as needed as opposed to managing 30,000+ individual photographs. Scanning is not only quick but also accurate enough to generate point clouds and polygons for as-built and construction documentation.  Building information modeling is becoming increasingly important, particularly for commercial design and construction projects. For new build construction sites, 3D technology provides a way to track progress and capture changes in construction.



Site Survey Client Examples

Red Rocks Country Club 3D Model

Red Rocks Country Club

Boulder, Colorado

Prestwick Village Golf Course 3D Model

Prestwick Village Golf Course

VTS Headquarters 3D Model

VTS Headquarters

Detroit, MI

Grassland Meat Market 3D Model

Grassland Meat Market

Detroit, MI


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