InsurTech Report

VTS works through thousands of 3D projects every year. We are the experts so you don’t have to spend time worrying about achieving the best possible outcome. We have developed an efficient workflow with national coverage of certified & trained professionals? Our unique & customizable deliverables meet the needs of our partners in the insurance industry.  VTS is able to handle the whole claim and collaborate & partner in the process to leverage best in class.


InsurTech Report

By leveraging VTS field crews and partners across the country, we can capture any space, in 3D, quickly and efficiently allowing for the most accurate preservation of the loss (in HD) as claims are adjusted and settled.  Our team of experts can produce Xactimate sketches and CAD drawings from the immersive 3D digital twins which allow our customers to:

  • Decrease turn around time
  • Eliminate Costly Field Activities
  • Automate tedious busy work
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Create a monetizable future asset (Digital Twin)
  • Deliver 3D walk-throughs to multiple users of your choice

InsurTech Estimating Tool

The VTS InsureTech Estimating Tool allows adjusters to write estimates quickly and accurately by displaying all the information they need on one screen. By utilizing our technology and software, we display measurements, elevations, detailed photos, field notes, 360 degree panorama photos, and 3D tours to create an immersive experience that is even better than being on site.

InsurTech Deliverables

VTS professionals can virtually develop ROM’s and damage estimates, as well as assisting your existing network of adjusters and consultants throughout the entire claim process. The VTS InsurTech Report links all data together making it easy for you to share claim information, floor plans, ROMs, estimates and 3D walkthroughs to multiple users of your choice. 

Case Studies

From commercial claims to residential losses, our workflow condense the capture time on site from an estimate of 2 weeks down to 2 days seeing a significant savings in actual  measurement cost and reducing the amount of time from incident to claim estimate.

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Commercial, Residential, Multi-Family