Quality Assurance Inspections

Visualization Technology Services use high-accuracy Lidar scanners to collect data from multiple viewpoints which generates millions of data points across any type of industrial equipment to generate measurement work accurate to the 2-3mm range. This can detect the exact location industrial machinery moves outside of appropriate tolerances.  We also measure and model structural elements of all industrial equipment in order to inspect surrounding problems. Instead of waiting for breakdowns to occur and potentially costly repairs, we can get in and out quick enough to develop a case for routine maintenance inspections. Our philosophy and approach is proactive, with scheduled maintenance to maintain structural integrity, as opposed to dealing with it during a project. VTS can then integrate our data into visually stunning models to scale. Our inspection services have covered everything from Manhole covers to 5G rollout support. All of our inspections are ready to meet CMAA 70.


As an example, overhead cranes have train rails that must hold strict tolerances to perform correctly. Traditionally, a crane is serviced by a team of inspectors through a process that can often take days to complete. This approach is costly, disrupts operations and is often a high-risk endeavor. With Visualization Technology Services, you get pinpoint accuracy and attractive models to review, all within a fraction of the time and in the safest delivery method.

Inspections Client Samples

Manhole BLK Scan2 3D Model

Manhole BLK Scan2

Lexington, KY USA

Manhole BLK Scan 3D Model

Manhole BLK Scan

Lexington, KY USA

Merck Facility 3D Model

Merck Facility

Durham, North Carolina USA


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