Many areas of the world, including the United States,?are experiencing an expanding outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus, COVID-19.

On March 11, the World Health Organization characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic and to slow the spread of the virus,?many local and state governments have taken drastic measures and have instituted bans and restrictions that on the surface may seem heavy handed but in reality may be exactly what is needed to keep the outbreak in check and protect those that really need the protection. Considering these restrictions, VTS continues to look at new and innovative ways that we can help different industries, clients and new prospects deal with what may be a new reality for us all.

VTS’ approach has always been to work with our clients to bring new technologies and efficiencies to the workplace and we have no plans to change how we are working with industry. What has changed is the urgency around the reality of embracing how digital documentation, reality capture and 3D digital twins can help businesses transform their current practices and embrace this new reality we are living.

Our hope with these posts is to bring awareness to the technology and group of service companies like VTS that are positioned across the country to help professionals in construction, architecture, engineering, real estate, facilities management and insurance work these new technologies into their current work practices and leverage the technology. We believe this not only helps with the current situation, but in all actuality is a better way to work and operate. In this post, we want to highlight the use of 3D reality capture technologies to help prospective property owners’ market and sell their properties. We have highlighted a few use cases below and welcome any thoughts and comments you have about how these technologies can help you. Future posts will include information about our national network of service providers, the impact to other industries like construction or insurance and we hope to highlight the technologies themselves that enable us to do what we do. Companies like Matterport, Cupix, Leica, FARO as well as some other really cool technologies that we don’t use, but that could be leveraged like StructionSite and Prevu3D that are on the cutting edge of what they can do to help specific users in targeted industries.

Project Highlight #1:

Capture for New Home Construction.

In this use case, we worked with a builder to be able to highlight key elements and features of house. If you have ever built a new house, you know that when you get the keys to the front door, you also get a stack of papers and documents. These are important and need to be stored somewhere safe. Things like warranty information on windows or appliances, manuals for mechanical systems installed in your home or paint type and colors all need to be accessible and available as your home ages and wears. In addition to making these things more accessible to the homeowner, we also explored the idea of “time travel” for the home owner and giving them the ability to go back in time and see what is inside of the walls before the drywall was installed. In the link below, you can “jump” to scans of a house of a similar layout to see exactly what is inside of the walls. While these 2 homes are not the exact same house, the idea or concept can be seen and with some simple coordination with a Reality Capture Professional like VTS, scans can be coordinated and connected and now when a home builder gives the new home owner their keys to the front door, they can also give them a digital twin of their house that includes all of the information about their house that is critical and its all stored digitally and easily accessible with a simple web link!

We have provided direct links to the 3D tours below: (pre-drywall) (completed with all links)

Note, the 2 spaces above are linked together through the tours / Mattertags.

Example of links to manuals and key information about the systems installed in the home