Life Remodeled

Detroit, MI

Visualization Technology Services has partnered with Life Remodeled Detroit, a non-profit that elevates community volunteers for an annual week-long clean up in Metro Detroit. As part of their contribution, VTS created a virtual tour of the new Durfee Innovation Center which is currently undergoing renovations to become a business hub in the region.  Current building amenities include a Natatorium, Gymnasium, Planetarium, dozens of conference rooms and plenty of ‘classrooms’ soon to be office spaces.

  • Kelly Chwalibog
    Kelly Chwalibog Field Operations
    Kelly rejoined the workforce after 15 years as the Chwali Family CEO. Prior to that, she worked in the field of video production and has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. Kelly started Virtual Tours of Michigan in 2017, which is now VTS. She works tirelessly in her many roles, from being an amazing mom to five kiddos, voluntarily serving in local ministry and slinging a scanner as good as anyone else.