Oakland Ave

Ann Arbor, MI

  • Kelly Chwalibog
    Kelly Chwalibog Field Operations
    Kelly rejoined the workforce after 15 years as the Chwali Family CEO. Prior to that, she worked in the field of video production and has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. Kelly started Virtual Tours of Michigan in 2017, which is now VTS. She works tirelessly in her many roles, from being an amazing mom to five kiddos, voluntarily serving in local ministry and slinging a scanner as good as anyone else.
  • John Chwalibog
    John Chwalibog CEO
    The mastermind behind it all, John has over two decades of technical and enterprise sales experience in immersive 3D technologies where he spent most of his career on the manufacturer side (Trimble, FARO & Matterport). Having been involved in 3D laser scanning technologies since 2001, John has seen it all. He’s also seen the majority of this planet for both work and for his true passion, serving others through non-profit ministry.