Digital Twin Solutions & Products

Visualization Technology & Services provides digital twin solutions of any environment and is a singular solution for all Building Information Modeling needs. We are well positioned to deliver projects in a timely fashion across North America, building our team strategically with experts inside and outside the industry.  

We provide a complete range of computer-aided design (CAD) and mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) design services. We are multidisciplined across interactive floorplan drawings and 3D modeling of all types of structures. Our team is equipped with a wide range of the best resources in the industry to deploy quickly across North America to deliver the high-resolution digital twin that meets your project needs on the budget you deserve. 


3D Laser Scanning Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Projects.


Residential Virtual Tours and Property Inspections.


Aerial tours, visual mapping all publishable to Google Street View.


Tollerance quality control for industrial manufacturing lines.


Virtually stages facilities showing spacial proof of concept.


Photogrammetry and scan modeling for quality assurance and printing.


Interactive preview of restaurants and entertainment venues with direct links to reservations.


Virtual promotion tagging and linking to websites, photography, and video.


AI driven interaction for facilities maintenance and risk control.

VTS Uses the Right Tool for Each Job

Ricoh Theta Z1 23Megapixel one-shot camera great for visual inspections, mapping, and photogrammetry projects. Level of Detail: 1

Matterport Pro2 134 Megapixel camera and structured light sensor perfect for 3D marketing, floor plans, Insurance, and low-level CAD. Level of Detail: 3 

Faro Focus5 LIDAR portable scanner for the most detailed and accurate Point Cloud measurement system. Perfect for Construction and Inspections accurate to the millimeter. Level of Detail: 5

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